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Laura A. Wasser

Laura Wasser is a Family Law Attorney with over 20 years of experience. Having handled a number of high-profile, high-net-worth divorce cases, Laura Wasser and her team have developed an intuitive and simple process for uncontested divorces available to everyone.

Florida Divorce Overview


In Florida, many counties permit parties to mail forms into the courthouse for filing. You may never have to appear in court. This practice varies from county to county. Specific, simple instructions regarding completing this process are provided by it's over easy when you finish answering the questions here on line. You may also take the documents to the courthouse in person. Some Florida Courts will not permit mail in filing, and some cases may not be appropriate for mail in filing in any county. You will need to contact the court clerk when you are finished to ask about this.


The only grounds for divorce in the State of Florida are:

1. That the marriage is "irretrievably broken."

2. That there is mental incapacity of one of the parties, for at least three years before filing for the divorce.


In order to file your divorce in a Florida court, you or your spouse must have lived in Florida for the last six months. It is not necessary that both parties live in Florida. One party must live in Florida, the other could live anywhere else in the world.


Florida forms produced by it's over easy are the Florida Supreme Court approved forms found in the Family Law Rules of Procedure.


Florida court filing fees are in addition to the cost of using it's over easy. This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.


The use of the it's over easy service generally takes between 30 minutes and two hours or more depending on the complexity of your case. Florida does not have a mandatory waiting period after the filing of your case, but a judge may choose to continue (delay) your case for up to three months to allow the parties a chance to reconcile. Usually, such a delay would not occur in an uncontested (agreed) case.

Common Questions

We are not sure what state to divorce in, what should we do?

Please click the state information tab above to review your state’s residency requirements. If you are in need of a different state, return to the homepage and choose it there.

How do I file after receiving my divorce forms?

If you are in a state or county where we cannot file for our clients, in addition to your completed divorce forms, we also provide detailed signing and filing instructions to help remove all potential questions on your end.

Can I use this service if I have children?

Yes you can. Our online interview factors in this possibility and you will be directed to specific questions accordingly. We also provide child support calculators and parenting plans.

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