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Start your uncontested divorce online

No lawyers. No court visits. No hassle.

Complete your divorce forms online - It's over easy will do the rest.

Founded by Family Law attorney Laura Allison Wasser, who represented celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, Maria Shriver, and Stevie Wonder, It’s over easy is a simple process for uncontested divorces available to everyone.


Laura A. Wasser

Attorney Laura Allison Wasser is an author, entrepreneur, and Family Law expert with over 20 years of experience. Having handled a number of high-profile, high-net-worth divorce cases, Laura has made it her mission to change the face of divorce by providing education, tools and support for families going through the process and making this available to everyone.

It’s over easy gives divorcing couples an accessible and affordable resource to dissolve their marriage in all 50 states.

Determine Your Eligibility for Our Service
Please answer a few basic questions about your marriage and see if you qualify for using our service for your uncontested divorce.
Sign up to Start Your Divorce
Register for an account and invite your spouse to join you. Our process works best when both parties work together amicably.
Complete the Online Divorce Questionnaire at Your Convenience
Provide your basic information to start your divorce and generate the initial documents that can be filed with the Court on your behalf.
Getting to the Deal
Negotiate and work to resolve issues of child custody, support and division of assets to reach a total agreement through our platform.
Submit Your Agreement for Processing
Once you and your spouse have finalized the deal and submitted your answers, we will process your forms - this usually takes up to two business days.
You're Done!
Our platform can help you include all settlement terms into an enforceable judgment and file it in the court in your jurisdiction.